Thursday, November 15, 2012

Next summer starts now

So, I have been lucky enough to meet a lot of great people in triathlon over the last 12 years.  One of those people is going to coach me for the upcoming seaon(s) and help get me to a place to utilize all of my ability.   It is hard to coach yourself, especially when there is so much data that atler your ability to subjective and obljective with your own plannig. I have learned that I have no problem coaching other athletes but I can't control myself the way I would anothe Breakthrough Perfomance Coaching is taking over!

Breakthrough Performance Coaching is going to help me get to the next level.  I sat with Jeff Cappobianco for about 2 hours the other day as we talked about the sport , life, trainnig and fitting it all in.  Jeff stands out because he knows how crazy me life is, He is a firefighter and comprehends the unknown circumstances of the public service life.

I start my base testing this week and the swim went well and I seemed to feel pretty good.  Tomorrow will be a track workout followed by a bike test on Saturday.  My plan is set in two phases, 2 yr plan is IM in 2014 and 1yr plan is have a kick ass race at the World Sprint Championships in London Sept. 2013.   I have never been this excited to start training, here we go 2013!

Monday, November 5, 2012

recovery time

It has been a long time since I have written here.  To put it all down will take forever, so I will just give you the short version.  I finished up racing at Witch City, 2nd overall, The AG nationals Sprint where I qualified for the worlds in London,  Then raced the Nahant beach tri, 1st over all. 

I recently ran the cape cod half marathon with my brother and watch time was 1:34.  I have agreed to work with BreakThrough Performance coaching where Jeff Cap and the crew are going to bring me to the next level.  I plan on 2 70.3's and the World sprint Championships for 2013.  My goal is to go sub 4:30 on the halfs and represent the US as best as I can.  The long future is 2014 with an Ironman and try and break 10 hours. 

I know these are lofty goals but you can't get better without a challenge!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dam Tri race report

Dam Tri @ Gardener Park, Amesbury MA

swim = 11:48 (20th)
bike =  33:45 (15th)
run =    19:30 (7 th)
    Total = 1:07:05 (6th OA 3rd AG)

This is a race that I have done the past few years and keep coming back to it.  I have not been to specific in my tri training this year.  I am not sure if I am getting burnt of the short course or if it is a combination of the new house, kids,work, and other commitments that have been taking up my time.  I know that I have only swam 3 times since the JCC and was curious to see if CrossFit would be a big factor in keeping my fitness high.

The swim went off and I was in the 3rd wave with my brother, I told myself not to push it and and go long stroke and steady pace. I felt great, not fatigued and never worried about my time.  The pack went out slow and I quickly moved to the front.  There were 4 or 5 of us that got to the 1st turn buoy and then we met up with wave 2. Trying to swim through them was tough but I managed and as I headed into the finish Ipicked up my pace a bit.  exited the water and saw 11:48 as I crossed the mat to T1. Not bad with all considered.

The bike was simple and straight forward.  There are quite a few hills that are big enough to make push out of comfort but not long enough to drain you.  I was moving up the field passing riders and settled into my own at around mile 6.  One mistake I made was missing a turn at mile 10.  My own fault and maybe lost a few seconds with the turn around.  I think I could have pushed a little bit harder but in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to run under 19:40 for the 5K.  I entered into T2 and off for the run.

Then run was good.  I forgot the first 1.5 was slightly uphill.   I was wondering if it was me and that I was not in shape because I was laboring.  I also knew there were some age groupers who were hunting me down.  I passed a couple of people on the run and saw at the turn I was in 6th over all.  But I also saw the 7th place was on my tail.  The good thing was I was now heading downhill and my legs were loosening up.  I started to clip away and got my pace to around 6:05 for the last mile. With the .2 to go I really dug down so that I could hold off the chase.  The turn into the park I glanced over my shoulder and saw I had about 5 seconds on the closest runner  and with about 50 yards I was able to hold my spot.   My run time was 19:30 for the 3.2.

I was happy. I know that I have not been putting in the same volume as last year and I think that is why I am a few seconds off my times from last year.  The other not is that I do not have the nagging injuries that I had last year.   I have the Witch City this weekend and it should be a great day.   There will be some top notch athletes there.  I hope to do well in my age group 35-39. 

Monday, June 18, 2012


So last weekend I had the opportunity to get my level one trainer cert for Crossfit.  What a weekend!  I have been thinking hard about my training and I feel like am in a rut.  Going to this put what I am doing into perspective!  I am really looking forward to adding more Crossfit into my program to gain the benefits that it will have to offer.  I know that triathletes are great athletes but some of the things that I saw at Crossfit were beyond believable! 

This coming weekend I will be riding 175 miles for MS.  the Cape Cod getaway.  It will build up some endurance for my race in July at the Dam Tri.   I hope to do well in my age group there.  Then I will be going up to Age Group Nationals in August.  One of the things I have to so is get and do a bit more swimming.  I am not worried about it too much but need to back into the feel of a good stroke again.  So for now I will be plugging along and trying to get more FIT!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

JCC Race Report

So, My first tri of the season went well.  I was feeling pretty good going into the race and felt that I had a good opportunity to put up some good numbers.  The day went off without a hitch.  Up at 05 and systems were a go.  Bike was ready and had my bag packed for the tough commute of 1.5 miles to Marblehead. 

The set up was basic and standard.  I was seeded 8th in the start for the swim.  I had out in a time 3:15.  I had not done much training but felt that I was comfortable enough to hold my pace time.  I went off and felt good in the H2O.  There was a 15 sec delay between swimmers and there were a lot of younger athletes in the top 5 who swam for the local clubs.  After 50 yards I caught the guy in front of me and he slowed me up til the end of the 3rd length.  I then had good clear H2o b/c the next racer was 50 yards ahead of me.  I wound up catching her at the last 50 and we got out together.  I exited the water at 3:19.  I think that if I was seeded 7 I may have been able to get out of the water with about 5 or 6 extra seconds. 

T1 was quick and different this year.  The bike mount was about 50 yards down the hill and added a bit more running space to mount before taking off. I was able to get up to speed quickly and went off with out a hitch.  I was holding around 260 watts and didn't feel like I was pushing to hard.  I passed the early leaders before the neck and and was able to get through the first lap rather well. Laps 2 and 3 were a bit more congested but still maintained good speed and entered T2 in around 25 mins.

T2 was longer as well,  this was tough. I dismounted and started my run up the hill to turn around and back out.  Shoes on and off I went.  I didn't have the run legs I thought I would have had?  My thighs were tight and was trying to get my cadence to turn over.  This is a tough and deceptive run because of false hills. Mile 1 was about a 6:20 which is rather slow for me.  I have held 6 flats before on the course but oh well.  Mile 2 was a bit better at 6:05 and 3 was then a 6:20 again because of the nasty hill on Seaview Ave.  At the turn on Seaview the relay runner for Team Karhu went flying by me.  I did my best to hang with him but he was just way to fast.  He ran an 18:10 for 3.5  (Not on my best day!)  I was eyeing  my watch and looking to get as close to 52:15 as possible.  I crossed at 53:12 instead.  I was thrilled to take the top spot and retain my title for the 4th year.  The competition is getting tough. Kristen Lamb OA female came in at 55:44.  It was a great day, Mother's Day too! 

I have some work to do on my running off the bike and I would like to build my power and speed on the bike to.  We are moving on 06/01so I will be busy but want to focus on some speed workouts and long bikes to get ready for the MS ride on 06/24  till then!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

getting ready for 2012

This Sunday will be my 10th JCC Sprint in Marblehead.  I was looking at my last few posts on this race and have noticed something.  I have been getting PF every MAY! I am gunning to do well in the Age Group Nationals this August and with the hope that I may qualify for Worlds, London 2013. 

I have maintained fitness and feel strong, Time to stretch and mentally prepare for another race,  I am pretty sure that is will be my last JCC.  It is tough having it land on Mother's and I might opt to start my race year another moth out. 

New NEWS! I will be getting my Crossfit certification and will be working at the box of Crossfit IronSpider in Salem.  we landed the the North Shore Navigators for the primary location of the strength and conditioning for them this year.  Really looking forward to work with Dennis Floyd on this. Well, I will let you know how the JCC goes,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Training

Back at for the 2012 season and things are progressing. I have been battling a piroformis issue for a few weeks and seem to finally got a handle on it. A little chiropractic care and serious stretching has helped. I also need to add a bit more strength training. KB swings and cleans and lunges!!!!

Well what can you do! had my 5k test last week at the AOH in LYnn. Huge field 750! I planned on a sub 6 pace and was able to get in with the right pack. There were 5 or 6 guys that just took off at the start and and 2 of them were able to hold it! It was a tough course, big hill in the first mile then making a hard right turn into head wind! I was in 5th place and got passed before the hill but then a pass on the hill to get back to 5th.

Felt good with all things considered. The course was measured at 3.3 and my finish time was 18:30. 15 secs slower than in 2010. Not sure where the ime went but could have been a number of things. I was happy b/c I have not done any speed work and was glad my fitness was there.

This weekend I will be going to the Multisport expo and working with Breakthrough Performance. Should be a great event! I will also be running the 3 mile race at 9AM for BTP. lets see if Ican get sub 18!